vrypan — Panayotis Vryonis
vrypan.net has been my digital home since 2003.

My name is Panayotis Vryonis.

I'm a dad, geek, entrepreneur, and I live in Athens, Greece. I'm happy with my life.

I'm passionate about web3. Need consulting about getting your brand or your company on web3? Drop me a line. Or check my newsletter, travel3.substack.com.

I'm mostly active here:

Travel3 — A newsletter about web3 in Greek.
blog.vrypan.net — My blog (posts in english, posts in greek)
@vrypan — on Twitter since 2006.
turmites.art — an art project.
github.com/vrypan — my GitHub page
bucket3 — a simple, blog aware, static site generator written in python
VSRE — Very Short Reply Expected (email netiquette)

Old/Inactive/Retired Projects:

listnr.neta webmentions endpoint. (more about it here).
LongaccessLong-term data archiving. Retired in 2016.
BigStashStash away stuff you won’t need in the near future. Retired in 2016 (this was an experimental service by Longaccess).
tlbx.io"tools to analyse, monitor and automate your Dropbox better." Retired in 2016.
jekyll-post-via-web — post to a GitHub hosted Jekyll blog, using this simple, self-hosted bookmarklet. The code is there, but I haven't done any updates for very long.
URLBorga URL shortener using AppEngine. This was my first try to write production code for GAE. Retired in 2009.
monitorthe Greek blogs aggregator. Started in 2005, monitor.vrypan.net played a central role in the early Greek blogoshpere. Retired in 2007.
lilinaan open source feed aggregator in PHP that required no DB backend.. Started in 2004, this aggregator was as simple as it could get (no DB), but was also one of the first to experiment with what would later be called "web mashups" and "web 2.0". Ryan McCue took ove r the project in 2006.
g-metrics.commeasure the occurance in google results of a keyword or set of keywords defined by you accross time. I started this in 2004, shortly after Google anounced a public API for Search. It was also mentioned in O'Reilly: Google Hacks.


A twitter mention or direct message is probably the best way to contact me. But if you really, really have to contact me by email, please, read vsre.info before emailing feedback@vrypan.net

--last update: 2020-12-21.